ESP8266 Error Messages And Exceptions Explained

ESP8266 is a low-cost Wi-Fi chip that supports full TCP/IP stack. Till date, numerous types of boards are developed using ESP8266. The developers implement various programming languages to program this chip. You can use very basic level AT commands, low-level C/C++ language, or high-level and users friendly languages like Arduino, Micropython, and NodeMCU. The possibilities are virtually endless. But, ESP8266 sometime shows errors while connected to the serial monitor.

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Flash AT Firmware To ESP8266 [riktronics]

Flash AT Firmware To ESP8266 WiFi Module [EASIEST WAY!]

[To understand error messages shown by ESP8266 in the serial monitor, read the latest article: ESP8266 ERROR MESSAGES AND EXCEPTIONS EXPLAINED]

Hi, guys. This tutorial is for helping you to flash firmware in your favorite ESP8266 module. I guess almost all of you have a good enough idea about ESP8266. Still, here a short note on it for you. Let’s get started, Continue reading